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In April I did that A to Z Blog Challenge. Each of the 26 days I highlighted a video from RootsTech 2022.  Index of RootsTech Videos 

While talking to Devon Lee, from Family History Fanatics, about my blog posts, I thought it might be a good idea to also do 26 videos from their website. Devon came up with a list for me. She did the hard work. She actually gave me two videos for each letter for me to choose from.  I am reviewing them and blogging about them each day in the month of June (except Sundays). 

How Accurate are your DNA Ethnicity Results?

Video Link

I volunteer with mitoYDNA.org so I love watching DNA videos. There is always more to learn. In this video, which is just under 8 minutes, Andy talks about how accurate the results are from the various DNA after uploading his Ancestry and 23 and Me to GedMatch. He then compared his DNA from one company with himself on the other company. This is actually a really good idea if you have tested with more than one DNA company!

Andy also explains what the differences are in the two companies and shows where they say there are differences between the two kits. Watch the video to see the results. 

Click here Family History Fanatics YouTube channel 

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