Google Photos: Editing

You can edit a photo you have stored in Google Photos.

Save As Copy
But before you begin making changes make a copy of the photo first. Once it is edited, you no longer have the original copy unless you save it first.

1. Click on photo.

The photo appears on its own screen now. In the top right-hand corner is a menu.

2. Click on the Edit icon. The second one.

The following menu now appears partially on the photo.
The full panel of options on the right will be explained below.

3. Click on the 3 vertical dots.

The following menu appears.

4. Click on Save copy.

A copy is now placed in the album. You can now edit on the copy, which is open, and the original will remain the same.

Edit a Photo

1. Click on the photo, if it is not already on the screen.
The menu appears in the top right.

2. Click on the Edit icon from the menu in the top right-hand corner. Second icon.

The following menu appears on the right side.

3. Click on the option you would like. If you don't like your choice pick another one.

4. When you click on an option, a scroll bar appears under the line of three.
     Slide the circle on the bar to the left to make changes.

5. If you do not like the change, slide back to the right. Continue until you like the change.

6. Once you are done, click one of the following options:

     Undo Edits to return picture to the original
     Done and all changed will be saved.
     If you have not saved it to make a duplicated your original is now lost.

Google Drive storage

Google gives you 15 Gb of free storage.
The storage includes:
  • Drive files
  • Google Photos
  • Gmail
Storage Amounts
1. Open up Google Drive.

On the left-hand side of the main screen is a menu. 
At the bottom of the menu is the amount of memory you have used out of the 15 GB.
Such as: 
8 GB of 15 GB used
To find out how much you have used in the different areas
1. Move your mouse over the three bars or words "Upgrade storage"
    The following will appear.

Google Photos
Note the icons on the left of each item, specifically the Google Photos.
This icon is different from the other Google Photos. As you can see, these photos take up part of the 15Gb free storage.
If you store your photos under the icon below, you have unlimited space for your photos!.

Wildcards in Ancestry

* means you will want 1 or more letters - multiple letters in that spot.

? represents one letter. You only want one letter in that spot.

If I type ?ruger in the search area, my results will be Cruger and Kruger and Fruger.
Only one letter before "ruger"

If I type *ruger then my results will be Struger - note 2 letters before the "ruger" not just one.
Herbruger or Jungenkruger
Cruger and Fruger will also be there.  One or more letters before

A Problem on

I recently had a problem on 
I love this site. It is free. You can add photos and copies of documents so other family members can have copies. Love it. It is easy to use, read and move around.

But, do not assume that the information there is correct!  It isn't always but it can help.
I post this to illustrate problems that occur and to ask people not to do this on FamilySearch to someone else.
I noticed last month that someone had changed the spelling of my mother's maiden name! So I changed it back and emailed the person who had changed it. 
Why did you change my mother's information? She is a MacKellar. Mac not Mc. Her father, my grandfather had his name changed back to Mac like his grandfather had it. His father changed it to Mc but my grandfather changed it back to Mac.

This is the response I received
So sorry. I was trying to make it all the same. You may change it any way you like. You are the direct family member. 

When in genealogy work have you seen things be "all the same"! Obviously, this person has not done genealogy or genealogical research.
·        Nothing is "all the same", ever!    
·        You don't change spellings of names to make them "all the same" unless you have source documentation!

I am sure every genealogist reading this is shaking their head wondering what that person was thinking.

Problem with FamilySearch
It was nice of her to give me permission to correct her mistake on my mother's file. [Not sure how to make this sound sarcastic on the blog!! But that was pure sarcasm!]

She does touch on the problem with FamilySearch's website, when she said, "You may change it any way you like. You are the direct family member."

Anyone can go into anybody's family tree and make changes. At least it does tell us who made the change and you can change it back and email them ask why they would do something so stupid but what a pain.

Yes, I can change it back, but why should I need to do that. Why would you go into someone else's family line and do that? She is not direct family. I know she said to make it consistent. I am sure there are other things like indexing this person should be doing instead of making changes to people without documentation to back it up.

And if this was an ancestor that I did not know as well I might not have caught on to this spelling change. This could really confuse or mess up someone else trying to do their genealogy. How many times have you missed an ancestor or hit a brick wall because someone spelled a name differently?

I am now going to go through that family line to see what other changes have been made. The spelling she chose to "make them consistent" is only used once in several generations;  the spelling that only one person in 6 generations used. Everyone else has Mac, my great grandfather changed it to Mc.

So what do you do?
How do you know what in FamilySearch is correct?
·        Check out the sources listed. 
·        Verify what information it has.
·        If there are no sources, use it as a guideline and go find sources to prove or disprove what you are seeing. It might be right or it might steer you in the right direction but don't assume it is right. 

How to make it a better site?
·        Add photos
·        Add documents
·        Put in the sources
·        Don't change any body's information unless you have the document and put that source with the person.

Writing Life History using scriptures

I wrote a document that uses scripture to give you a start in writing your life history.

In each scripture, you fill in your specific information.

Download full version with multiple verses.
Use Scriptures to start writing Life History

Getting Youth involved

One way to get youth involved could be with your videos. Do you have videos of family events that you would like a back up of and would like to share with other family members? Get the youth to help you.

Ask them to:
  • Create a YouTube account for you.
  • Upload your videos to YouTube.
  • Share with family members.
  • Show you how to upload more.
  • Take more videos at family reunions and gatherings.

You can also ask them to convert out VHS tapes to digital files to prepare for uploading.

Wall Photo Family Tree

After researching a variety of layouts on Pinterest, I created our family tree on a wall.
I have them all available at:

There are a lot of different layouts and some magnificent trees. I didn't have the wall to make some of those.

I thought about making my own tree because I couldn't find one of those removable sets but Wal-Mart came through.

There are 6 generations on this wall.
The two at the bottom of the tree are our parents. We are to the right, our granddaughters to the left. Above our parents is their parents and then their grandparents. There is only one couple missing in the six generations.

The empty frames are being printed.

I bought all the same frames on sale from Michaels. The plaque and word family are also from Michaels.

Someone on #AncestryHour said they were getting their daughter to paint a tree for her.