Life History: Interview by famous person

This was one of my suggestions to my students that was a little more work but so good from those who did it.  They were to pick someone famous, real or fictional to interview them; asking questions that would help others get to know them. They also had to include why they choose that person.

I used the example of Kermit the Frog interviewing me. I have always liked Kermit and we had young kids at the time.
"This is Kermit the Frog, your Sesame Street roving reporter here with Lianne. Lianne, I have a few questions if you wouldn't mind. "What is your favourite movie? A Muppet movie like Muppets Christmas Carol?"
My students came up with some great ideas.
  • A piano player had Sergi Rachmaninoff interview her. A couple of her questions were about her family and life, ending with "What is your favourite classical song? She answered Piano Concerto #3 by Rachmaninoff!" 
  • Another student had Eeroye ask her questions in his very grumpy slow voice. "Good morning to you if it is a good morning, which I doubt. How are you today, Lisa?"
  • My favourite was a student with a piece of pizza that he was about to eat. To stall him from eating the piece of pizza, the pizza began to ask him questions!! "Wait! Don't eat me!! How can I be eaten by somebody I don't even know?!!
Who is going to interview you? 
Please share who and why you choose that real or fictional person and some questions if you would like. 


Example questions to get you started if necessary. 
But remember the questions should reflect who you are!
  • What is your dream job? Why?
  • What is the best gift you have ever received? Why?
  • What is your dream vehicle? Why?
  • If you had a personalized license plate on your dream vehicle, what would it be?
  • What are the last two movies you saw? 
  • What is your favourite movie/song/play/TV show of all time?
  • Who would you like to see in concert?
  • Where would you like to retire?
Kermit Picture Source: Wikipedia

Life History: Minecraft Pedigree Chart using Education version

Minecraft Education Edition
If you have access to the education version then make a pedigree chart using the NPCs. 

Look at the pedigree chart [to the right] to see how to make one. Father’s go on the left.

When deciding where each person will be placed you will need room to add the next generation. Design the layout before starting to add the NPC.
You might want to colour the squares before added the NPCs so you know you have enough room.
You can add levels as well. They don’t all have to be on the same ground level.

Once you have designed the layout:
Create a NPC for you.
Add your name and a description of yourself. See below for information on how to customize the NPC.

Now add your parents. Choose a NPC that looks a little like your parents. Again, name them and add a description including birthdate and location (city/town province/state) and some fun facts about them. 

Now add your grandparents. Label them as well with a description.
Text Limit is 32 characters. Put in your name or the name of an ancestor.
Colour of name text can be changed

Select from the NPCs under Appearance.
Check out the Advanced Settings as well. 

Edit Dialog
Add the information about this person.
Text limit is 256 characters.

Change the colour of the path between each NPC to illustrate the connection between you and each parent 
Use the colour of the ground to show the connections. 

You can add a hyperlink button. This would allow you to link to a website with more information about that ancestor!!

You can add a command to the NPC that will be activated when right clicked on or a button.

Please take a screenshot [snipping tool] and add below!! I would love to see them.
Or Tweet the pic and include me @liannekruger

Source: Minecraft Wiki

Life History: Reader's Digest version

Thinking about writing your life history can be overwhelming. There is a lot of time.

Instead of thinking about writing everything, write a Reader's Digest version.


Life History: Webbing

Webbing is something that teachers and students do in school.
Very simple but still illustrates in short form what you like and what you have done.

The circled items are not set, you pick what items you want to share with others. The items tell us about you. You can have as many circles/ovals as you want.


Life History: Video Presentation

Make a video presentation of your favorite and important times in your life.
  • Look through your digital photos and pick out ones that define you or have important events that outline in your life. 
  • Scan in photos from your life that are not digitalized. 
  • Add all digitized photos into MS PowerPoint or Google Slides or another presentation software. 
  • Make a presentation. 
  • Add your favourite music for background. 
  • Share with other family members. 
You will be amazed at your child's knowledge of PowerPoint and Google Slides. They are learning this in grade 3. This is how they now do their homework and science projects!

Please tell us what your video was about in the comment area down below. 


Life History: Poetry

If you like poetry, write a poem about your life.

E. E. Cummings is one of my favorites poets. And I like Haiku poems. 

I am not good at writing poems but I wrote this Haiku that partly describes me. 
Haiku poems have three lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables and then 5 again. 
Computer teacher, 
wife, mother, French, Irish, British, 

Post your poetry down below or the link if you would like.


Life History: Handful of Me

What do you like to hold in your hand? What do the lines on your hands represent? 
What is your handful of interests? handful of likes? people? places? accomplishments? ...
  • Grab a piece of paper bigger than your hand. 
  • Trace your hand 
  • Write and/or draw or glue on things that tell someone about you. 
  • What you like, what you like to do, favourite quotes, anything that tells others about you.