DNA Case Study for Father's Paternal Line

Post No. 2
Once I received the results from Ancestry, I followed everyone's suggestion to downloaded the file and then upload to other sites.

I uploaded to GEDMatch. [Merged with Genesis]

After creating a free account I uploaded the file.
I then selected the One-to-many DNA comparison (V2-A)
I received a list of 3000 names. (I am related to half of Quebec)
Here are the top 5 matches.
(The names have been deleted to protect the innocent)

Largest Seg Total
94.6 539.9 2.4
92.8 385.3 2.6
86.0 282.0 2.8
44.6 122.0 3.4
49.3 118.9 3.5

Numbers 1-3 and 5 are related and managed by the same email.
I know who number 4 is. A different family, my Paternal Grandmother's line.

I also uploaded to Family Finder.

The same four people appeared near the top with the same numbers. The others I know how we are related.

The first person is listed as a 1st - 2nd cousin.
The second and third are listed as 1st - 3rd cousin.
The fifth is listed as 2nd - 3rd cousin.
These relatives are half "cousins" so maybe closer than listed. 

These close relations did not do an Ancestry kit so they are not on Ancestry.

I did the scary thing and wrote them an email to the contact for the 4 names on the list. The person I am closest to is the one who has the email.

I am waiting for a reply.......

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OGS Conference blog session


I'm here at OGS talking with a great class about blogging using Blogger.

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The Genealogy Show

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at The Genealogy Show 2019.
It was a great show. I had a blast.

I had to ask what the difference between a conference and a show. The emphasis of a "show" is the vendors with speakers as secondary. The emphasis of a "conference" is the speakers with some vendors on the side.

The vendors were great. Wide variety. I learned about a jewelry section in Birmingham and all the people buried there like the Bird's Custard founder.

I talked to the British Military Archives and found out where I can research my Great grandfather-in-laws military record in the Boer War as a South African fighting for the British. I have the certificate but I want to know if there is more: a detailed record of where he served and what he did.

I also talked to a British India research group called Fibis, (Families in British India Society.)  My husband has an Indian [East Indian] ancestor who was married in Holland and then went to South Africa in 1600s. I want to research her as to whether she was a slave brought to Holland by the VOC and then married a Dutchman. They gave me information on the Dutch website similar to them. igv.nl/

I bought a Purple Surname Society shirt. I did a webinar for them last year and purple is my favourite colour so I just had to support them and my purple clothes section.

Personal Wizard Consultations
Registrants had the opportunity to ask questions of genealogists in specific areas. This was included for free. They called it Personal Wizard Consultations. They constantly had people answering questions. It was so popular they are going to offer this again in 2020.
I was able to help someone with Canadian genealogy and a little bit of South Africa.

I spoke Friday and Saturday:

I have to confess.
As soon as I got off the plane I dropped off my suitcase at the hotel and went for a train ride to Bournville, Birmingham - the home of the Cadbury Chocolate factory!! Where they gave me a tour of their factory with chocolate along the way!

I learned the history of the cocoa bean, the history of Cadbury Chocolates and the town of Bournville, so it went along with the theme of the weekend!

I had to bring something back for the family from Birmingham. This was the best. 
There is still lots of chocolate in the freezer for family get-togethers. 
While in Bournville, Birmingham I walked around and saw some sights.
I loved the train ride. I got to see more of Birmingham. 

Saw some interesting signs I had never seen before. 

And verified that double decker buses are not just in London. 

The train station at Bournville is purple for Cadbury. A canal ran along the tracks and under the road right by the station. 

I did not get to ride along the canal this time. Maybe next time. 

Beautiful homes. Each one had a name over their doorway!

A one-way bridge over the train track and canal with stop lights. 

See you in 2020!??!!
You won't want to miss it!

Dubbed: The People's Show.

DNA Case Study for Father's Paternal Line

My father was born in 1934. His mother was not married at the time. She never told him who his father was.

His mother married and when he was 7 his stepfather adopted him.
His stepfather was from Denmark.

I researched [in the mid-1980s] his mother's line back to the first three landowners of Canada.

I have done an Ancestry DNA test.
Unfortunately, there were no surprises on my DNA test that would help determine the nationality of his father.
My grandmother lived with her family on a farm outside of town in northwest Ontario. My father and her siblings believe that it might be a seasonal farm hand but my dad was born at the beginning of August so it would have been in November.

I have uploaded my results to MyHeritage.

My grandmother is one of 16 children. I have lots of cousins, making for lots of DNA hits.

I am going to have to go through each of the over one thousand matches to try to find a relative of my Paternal grandfather. I will post what and how I am doing, how I am organizing my results and what I learn on each stop along the way.

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Your Irish Genealogy A - Z
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