A to Z Blog Challenge 2019 Theme

For each letter, I will list websites [which start with that letter] that will help you in your Genealogical Research.

I bet you can figure out one for the letter "A"!?!

Each post will help beginners, intermediates and maybe even experts find useful websites to help research their family tree.

I hope that if you know other websites that I don't list, that start with that letter of the day, that you will add it in the message at the bottom of the blog post.

The first day is letter A which will be posted on Monday, April 1st.

To learn more about the April A to Z Challenge check out their website at:  http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/

Share a Google Map

To Copy a link to a Google Map to enter in a blog post.
1. Get the map you want
2. Click on the Share icon on the menu on left.
3. Make sure the Send a link is underlined.at the top.
4. Click COPY LINK.
5. Go to blog post.
6. Click on icon to insert a Link.
7. Type in a title for your map.
8. Click Paste in the link box.
It will appear and work like the example below.
Google Map
If you click on the Facebook icon, it will open a Facebook post window to create a new post and put the photo and link to the map for you. The window allows you to add text to explain the map before you click Post to Facebook.

If you click on the Twitter icon, it will open a window for a new tweet with the link to the map. It allows you to add text to explain what this is before clicking Tweet.

To embed a map into a blog post
If you know HTML you can copy the Embed a map link shown below.

RootsTech 2019 Blank Schedule

I created a blank schedule of RootsTech 2019.
There is a one-page tab with all 4 days, shown below, and a tab for each day. Use whichever you like.

You can use this in Excel as well if you have that app on your devices.


To Download to your computer
1. Click on File [menu].
2. Select Make a Copy.
    Window on right appears.
3. Type in a new name for the file.
4. Choose a folder in your own Google Drive.
5. Click on OK.

You can now edit and add your own schedule ready to use during the conference on any device.

You can remove my session or add any of the other 3 sessions I am speaking. 

Instructions in Excel for a Surname Table

Family History Fanatics have a YouTube channel with training videos. Devon has a video training on a Surname Table, shown below.

The video explains how to use it and why but she does not explain how to make it in Excel.

With Devon's permission, I created a four (4) page pdf document explaining how to create her document in Excel.

Watch the video [link below] to hear Devon explain what this is and why it will help you in your family history research.

Click below to download the pdf document with the instruction on how to recreate your own Surname Table.

Excel Instructions for Surname Table

These instructions may also help you create other genealogical tables you would like to use.

Evernote: Table of Contents

To create a Table of Contents note

1.   Select the notes you want to be included in the Table of Contents by holding down Ctrl / Cmd and click the mouse.

2.     Select Create Table of Contents Note in the Note Panel. This creates a new note with a list of individual links for each of the selected notes. See note below

3.     Each title is a hyperlink to that note.

Note:     If you want external shared files included in the index, add the link in a note. Your table of contents can include links to both Evernote content and outside content.

Evernote: Organize photos

I visited a library, in the area I grew up, where I found some information. I took a lot of photos of the pages. This was before I had Evernote, so they were just on my phone. I downloaded the pictures onto my computer. But now I have to organize them.
Please ignore the fact that I didn't keep them all the same way.  I have to work on that as well.

If I had Evernote, each photo could have been uploaded directly into Evernote, as a note, and organized into a Notebook just for this research.

I can upload these now into Evernote. I will watch my upload amount to make sure I do not use more than my alloted amount for the month.

Location of where these photos are taken is also added automatically, if  you have that selected and if you have the Premium plan. Part of the note then contains the location of the book if I ever need to go back for more information. 

Evernote Organization

Notes can be organized just like papers are organized in a file cabinet.

Evernote is the File Cabinet

A stack is like a drawer in the file cabinet

Notebooks are like Folders in the drawer.

Notes are like the papers inside a folder.