Search within one site only

SITE allows you to search in the listed website only, for something specific. All hits will only be from this website.

Search one webpage
If you want to search the webpage that is on the screen, use CTRL/F. This is nice and easy for one page, but only the current page, not a whole website.

Layout words to search 

Note: No space before or after the colon (:).

There can be multiple words to searchMust be a website, a URL not an HTML file. Not a specific page so the URL can't end in .htm or .html.

I have a great website with lots of Bancroft family births, marriages, and deaths. I would love to have a list of all of the Bancrofts from any page on this website. This is how I can. bancroft

This will list each time Google finds a Bancroft on any page on this URL. There are multiple pages under this URL.

There are 72 hits on this website 

Each hit has the same website beginning: ....

Try with one of your websites. I would love to hear what you find!
Please: Post your results in the comments section below.

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