How to use Google Drive from A to Z

I used the A to Z challenge to post how Google Drive can help with genealogy. 
Some posts are small snippets; others are long with specific explanations.
Enjoy, leave comments, ask questions. 

Letter Theme Post 
A Ancestors
B Backup
C Connect with family in Google
D Drive
E Email
F Folders
G Gigabyte
H Google Hangouts
I I info icon
J Apps that start with J
K Keyboard Shortcuts
L List view
M My Maps
N New 
O Online Pictures
P Google Photos
Q Quit
R Recent
S Starred files
T Trash
U Upload
V View
W Publish to the Web
X EXcel files
Y YouTube
Z ZIP Extractor

1 comment:

  1. Well done Lianne for finishing the A to Z Challenge it was quite a tough Challenge.