S is for Starred

This post is part of the A to Z challenge explaining how and why you would use Google Drive in genealogy and family history.

You can star a document or folder in Google Drive. This is similar to clicking on the star or flagging an email.
Why star a document?
  • To find a document or folder quickly and/or easily.
  • To mark a document or folder as important for others to find quickly.
Below, I explain the following items in this blog:
  • why
  • how to star a document
  • how to see the starred documents or folders in your drive. 
Our family has a grocery list document in Google Drive. Each family member can add what they want us to buy in the document. When shopping I want to be able to find the document quickly.

Recent documents might work, so long as I have not been in several documents since the last time I went shopping.

Instead of using the Recent menu, star the document. Don't star too many documents otherwise, it would be hard to find the document you need.

To star a document
1. Right Click on the document.
The following menu appears.

2. Click on Add star

3. This document will now appear in the Star menu item.

Star Menu
To find the documents you have starred

1. Click on the menu item Starred on the main menu on the left.

The documents now shown on the right are only the documents that you have starred.

I use starred documents during Christmas season. Each member of the family creates their Christmas list in Google Docs, shared with each member of the family. Anyone member of the family can look at someone else's list wherever they are.

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  1. Sounds a great idea. I use google docs a lot but not for the shopping list. We are still using pen and paper :) My daughter and I maintain a spreadsheet in google docs for Christmas presents. We try to remember that we have already bought a great present for somebody back in July ... else everybody ends up with multiple presents.

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    Anne Young

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