Ancestors Journals

My mother wrote in journals. I do not want to continue to store these journals. I know that sounds terrible but they take up a lot of room.
I can't just throw them out - that would be a sin!

I have a suggestion and some people still think it is a sin but I think it is the best solution that covers both problems.

I am scanning in all her journals into pdf documents.
  • I can give each of my children a copy for them to read and pass on to their children. 
  • They can see her writing style
  • They get to know her
  • Giving each of my kids a copy is also a great backup if something happens to my copy. 
  • I can get rid of several boxes under my stairs. 
  • If my basement is ever flooded all the books would be ruined. This won't happen to digital copies stored in several locations, digitally.

Experience Note:
I just scanned in my high school yearbook. I did not notice before pulling it apart that not all of the pages had page numbers on them! Make sure all pages have page numbers before pulling a book apart. It will save you time figuring it out afterward.

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