DNA Case Study for Father's Paternal Line

I have found a family that I am very closely related to through DNA. I am going to call them the SAD family because I am sad they won't answer. I do not recognize the surname or them at all. I have never met any of them.

I sent an email and a message on Facebook to a family member. I have not heard back and I do not believe I will hear anything for awhile.

How do I know I won't hear back for awhile?
There is a third-fourth cousin on my Ancestry.ca DNA list. I will call her CA.
CA is listed in Ancestry as my 3rd-4th cousin.
Our shared DNA is 104 cM across 6 segments
From another site I can see that she is also related to the same 4 people, the SAD family, who are not answering my emails. CA contacted the same 4 people a few times, a year before I did and has had no response from them either.
We connected because in her searching, she contacted me through Ancestry. I was slow in answering, maker her wait about a year, but I did finally answered, and I am so glad I did.

We have compared surnames but none of them matched. She is looking for her adopted line and so am I. We have found the common factor but they are not ready to welcome us into their family.

What to do next?

  • We are going to meet up because we are related and we don't live too far away from each other.
  • We are also going to wait until this other family will answer our questions. 
  • Wait patiently and hope they are just busy and that is why they are not answering.
  • Hope someone else in their family takes a DNA test that might answer us. 
I was recently on the other side of a DNA test, where a new cousin suddenly appeared. Report on this on another blog post. 

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