Evernote: H is for Hyperlink

A hyperlink is a way to quickly jump to a website, a document, an email, or in the case of Evernote another note!

In genealogy you might want a link to
  • someone's blog with relative information. 
  • a page on a genealogy website with a document with a source
  • a social media page
  • an email of someone you need to contact
  • a video on YouTube to learn how to do something or about an area you are researching
There are two ways to enter a hyperlink into a note.
1.      Copy the hyperlink from the web browser and paste into a note.
The link is displayed and underlined showing it as a link.

2.      Select the text, in a note, you’d like to make a hyperlink.
The text does not have to be a website URL with a www.
This text can be a title or description.
If a URL
a.       Ctrl / Cmd C to copy the selected text.
b.       Ctrl / Cmd K
c.       Link dialogue box appears.  

d.      Paste the link [you just copied] in the box after the http://
To paste:  Ctrl / Cmd V  
e.      Click OK and hit ENTER.

If text
a.       Select the text.
b.      Ctrl / Cmd K to open Link window.
c.       Type or paste in the URL.
d.      Click OK or hit ENTER.

3. Use the Evernote menu to add, edit, copy or remove a hyperlink.
a. Select the text you want to make into a hyperlink.
b. Click on the Format menu
c. Click on Hyperlink
d. Click on Add 

Table of Contents
If you create a Table of Contents in Evernote, each item in your Table is a hyperlink to another note within that Evernote account.

To create a table of contents note
1.       Select the notes you want included in the Table of Contents by holding down Ctrl / Cmd and click. The following window appears

2.       Select Create Table of Contents Note in the Note Panel. This creates a new note with a list of individual links for each of the selected notes.

3.       Each title is a hyperlink to that note.

Note:    If you want external shared files included in the index, add the link in a note. Your table of contents can include links to both Evernote content and outside content.

Want to add another note after creating this?
You have two options.
Remake the Table of Contents (it is fast) and delete this note, or do it manually. 

These steps are shown above.

Word Document
This table of contents can be copied into a Word document. The hyperlinks still work!!
When clicked they will open the note. 
They will ask if you want to always open this type of document with Evernote.
It will also open what is inside the note if it is a link or file, such as a website or a pdf document.

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