Evernote: N is for Notebook

Notebooks are one good way to organize the notes. Think of it as a file folder.
(More organization items are mentioned in O for Organization.)

Create a Notebook for each surname or a location your ancestors lived then all notes related to that surname or location can be filed into that notebook so that you can find it later.

There are two ways to create a notebook.

To create a Noteboook using the menu
1. Select File from the top main menu.

2. Select New Notebook.

3. Type in a name for the notebook.

4. Hit Enter or click OK.

To create a Notebook using Right Click

1. Right Click on the title Notebooks on the menu on the left.

2. Select Create Notebook.

3. Type  in a name for the notebook.

4. Hit Enter.

To create a Notebook in another Notebook. 
1. Right-Click on the Notebook you want to have a notebook create a notebook in and the following menu appears.

2. Create Notebook.

3. Type in a name for the notebook.

4. Hit Enter.

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