Google Slides: Add music

I wrote posts on how to add music to slides in PowerPoint for one slide and multiple slides, so I thought I should have a post on how to add music to Google slides for those who don't own PowerPoint.

I am sorry to say it is not easy at all, it doesn't start automatically and isn't really done in Slides.

How to add music

Insert link to online music file

1. Find the music you would like online.

2. Copy the link [URL] to the music.

3. Return to your Slides file and click on the slide you want the music to start on.

4. Add a text box to the slide.

5. In the text box, insert a link with the URL you just copied for the music online.

Test the music
To test the music play the presentation: When you get to the slide with the link, click the link.

To play the music during the presentation
1: Begin the slide show

2. On the slide with your text box with the URL, click on the URL.
    This will open the website with your music in your default internet browser.
    You might need to hit play at this time.

3. Return to your slides and continue on.

4. The music will continue until it is finished while your slide presentation is going on.

Note: You can use music from a YouTube file.

If the music ends before the Slide show go through your slides faster.

Hide the audio link
If you don't like the look of the text box with the link in it you can hide the text box behind something else on the page such as a picture.

Run music from your computer
I tried to add a link to a file on my computer. That is not possible.

Run music from DropBox
I was able to link to a file in DropBox, which does appear on your Windows/File Explorer and therefore easier, but it did not work with Slides.

Hopefully, Google will add audio to their slides soon.

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