PowerPoint: Play Audio Across Slides

Here are a few reasons why you would like the audio over multiple slides. If you have another reason, please add that reason to the comment section at the bottom of this blog post! I would love to know. 

If you have taped an ancestor talking about a story and you have photos of them it would be nice to combine the two together to share with the family.

Maybe you have them talking about themselves or their parents and you want to show multiple photos of that person as they are talking.

These slide shows could be used for weddings, receptions, family reunions and funerals. 

Before you begin

I suggest you add the timing for the slides before you add the slide. If you want each photo to slow for 6 seconds and you have 10 photos then you know that you have time for one (1) minute of the audio.

If you are off just a little or need the photos to show longer then make a copy of one slide or change the timing for one slide so that it is visible longer.

Add the audio to the first slide you want the music to start.

Music background

Before you begin
Find out the length of the song or the voice taping.
Set the timings for the slides. That is the length the slide appears on the screen. 
Calculate where the song should end based on your timing and the length of the song.

Do you have enough slides for the length of the song?
Do you have too many slides for the length of the song? 
Do you want more than one song for the slide show?

Insert the Audio file 

1. Select the slide with the audio icon

2. Click on the PLAYBACK tab 

3, Click in the Play Across Slides check box, as shown below.

If you have more slides than music or you have set it up for more than one song.

1. Go to the slide you believe the first song will end. 

2. Insert the new audio file into that slide. 

3. Select Play Across Slides

Test the sound by playing the PowerPoint. I usually have to do this several times to get the timing correct, especially if I have multiple files for the presentation.

If the music goes beyond the slide you thought, watch to see which slide it does end on.
If the music ends before you thought, watch to see which slide it ended on.

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