B is for Backup

Google is a great place to store backups of all your files, documents, and photos.

Important files should be in three (3) locations.
1. Your computer.
2. External hard drive such as an USB drive.
3. The cloud.
Number 2
This is good because computer hard drives do break down. So a backup of your files on a USB drive or external hard drive is a great idea.

Number 3
But the problem is that is the house burns down or someone comes in a steals all your computer equipment the first two copies are gone. We need the third location in another location and the cloud is a great idea.

Google Drive is not too hard to copy your files onto. You can even drag and drop the files from File [Windows] Explorer into Google Drive.

Second reason for putting the files onto the Google Drive is to share them with family. I will show you how to do that later.

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