C is for Connect with Family

Once you have files on Google Drive you will want to share it with family members.

The following instructions teach how to share the file with someone else. A message will be sent from Google Drive directly to those you are sharing the file with.

1. Right click on the file or folder you want to share with your family.
The following menu appears.

2. Click on Share...
The following appears.

You now identify what you want your family to do with the file.

ViewAllows others to view the document
EditAllows others to view and make changes to the document.

The default is that Anyone with the link can edit the file or folder.
If you only want them to view the document do the following:

1. Click the drop down arrow with the Anyone with the link can edit 
The following option appears.

2. Select Anyone with the link can view to change the option.

3. Click Send.

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