D is from Google Drive

Google Drive has many components.

A1. You can upload files you have created on your computer to use Google as a backup.
This includes scanned in documents and photos.

1. Click New.

2. Click File upload.

3. Find your file on your hard drive.

4. Click Open. [The command button in the bottom right corner]

A2. You can create files in Google Drive.

There are multiple programs to create files in Google Drive.

Google Docs - creates word processing files. [like Word]

Google Sheets - creates spreadsheet files [like Excel]

Google Slides - creates power point files [like PowerPoint]

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Google Forms - creates forms

Google Drawings - creates drawings [like Paint]

Google My Maps - saves Google maps

Google Sites - creates webpages

Zip Extractor - extracts zipped files

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  1. I'm reading your posts with interest. I always try to stay ontop of technology but there is so much more to learn!
    Dropping by from the A to Z Challenge

    Sandra, Aspiring family historian, fellow participant in the #AtoZchallenge

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