E is for Email

Google has its own email called Gmail.

If you sign up for an email you are automatically given access to Google Drive.
If you want to sign up to use Google drive you are given an email address.

Both are free!!

Below is some very basic information about Gmail. 

The following is the main menu found on the left in Gmail.

There is a search bar at the top to search for emails by name or subject or text in the email.

Gmail allows you to organize your emails but they are not folders like Outlook or Yahoo. They are called labels. The email is given a label to help you organize the emails.

Gmail also gives us for tabs. Primary is where all your emails automatically are filed to.

Emails from certain people can be automatically sent to one of the additional four tabs. Instead of going into Primary, I have all my Social Media emails go to the Social tab. Work emails go to Forums, etc. You decide emails from whom go into the other four tabs.
You could have one tab for 4 main family names. When you get an email for a certain family, move it to a tab with other emails just for that family.

Once you have a Gmail account you also now have access to chatting and Hang Outs!! We will discuss Hang Outs on day H.

If you are doing genealogy for two different family lines, you could have a separate email for each line. Although sometimes that is just too much work. Tabs are easier.

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