F is for Folders

Folders help you organize your files so you can easily find the file you are looking for. 

You can use folders to organize your files into subject or names such as the following.
  • family line
  • birth and baptism documents
  • marriage certificates
  • all certificates
  • stories
Create a folder

  1. Click on Create.

  2. Select Folder.

  3. Type in name of new Folder.

  4. Click Create.

Share a folder
To share all files saved within a folder:
  1. Right click on the folder.

  2. Share… 

  3. Share

  4. or click 
[I will explain how to share just one file later in the letter S.]

Delete Folder
  1. Right Click on the folder.

  2. Click on Remove. [The Trash can icon.]

Move folder
  1. Drag and drop the folder over top of another folder.
  2. The folder is now inside the second folder. 

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