I is for Information

i stands for information but if you move your mouse over the "i" it says View Details.

  1. Click on a file or folder. [single click]
  2. In the top right-hand corner of the screen is the "i" icon. Click on the "i" icon.
A panel of information appears on the right.
This information includes two tabs. Details and Activity.
The tab which is displayed is the one in blue text with a blue line underneath it.

Details tab
Type of item:  File or Folder

Folder List 
Where it is located: Which folder is it located in
Who the owner is:    you or someone who has shared
Modified:  Last time it was modified and who modified it
Opened:  Last time it was opened and who it was opened by
Created:  When it was originated created
Add a description:
This is a great place for notes to remind you what the file or folder is for.

A picture of the item may appear at the top of the detail list.
Under the picture, if there is one,
will be icons of the people who can also see and/or edit the document

File List
  • Picture of the document
  • People I am sharing the file with
  • Type
  • Size
  • Storage used
  • Location
  • Owner
  • Modified
  • Opened 
  • Created 
  • Add a Description 
  • Sharing privileges 

Activity tab
A list of activities in chronological order will appear. The latest activity will appear at the top of the list. At the bottom of the list will be the first activity for that file or folder. It will be the creation or upload information of the file or folder.

For folders it will list when files were added, deleted or moved to or within the folder.
For files, it will list when created and when you made changes to the file.

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