J is for JavaScript, Journal writer, and JotForm

JavaScript writer, Journal writer and JotForm are three apps which you can add to Google Drive. Like most of the apps, these three are free.

To see these and other apps that area available, from the Google Drive main menu:

1. Click New.

2. Click More    >
    The following menu appears.

3. Click on + Connect more apps.
    The following screen appears.
    It will not necessary look like this. See Search section below for more information.

Note the green band with the check mark on the first app in the picture beside.

That means I already have downloaded that app and have access to it.

The following menu has a couple of the apps added.

Each time you come in here, the app order will be different
Use the Search box on the top right to search by app name or subject.

For more of the A to Z challenge posts on Google Drive
click the How to use Google Drive from A to Z 
located on the right under Pages.

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