K is for Keyboard shortcuts in Google Drive

Before I share a long table of some of the short cuts, this is the most important item to remember.

If you want to know the shortcuts in Google Drive type in the following:

Chrome OS and Windows
Shift + /    or    Ctrl + / (Chrome OS, Windows)  
Either one works and they list the exact same list.

For the Mac
+ / 

Here are a few of the most commonly used shortcuts to illustrate.

To create new items in the different programs
[instead of going to New and select the program, which can be a few clicks]

Short cut
Shift + t
Shift + p
Shift + s
Shift + d
Shift + f
Shift + o

Here are some interesting ones to try out in the Google Drive home page.

Go to navigation panel (folders list)
g then n
g then f
Go to items view
g then i
Switch between grid and list in items view
Go to details pane
g then d
Go to top of application (Google bar)
g then t
Go to download status
g then a
Go to upload status
g then u
Show or hide details pane
Show or hide activity pane

Website listing all Google Drive short cuts

For more of the A to Z challenge posts on Google Drive
click the How to use Google Drive from A to Z 
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