U is for Upload

This post is part of the A to Z challenge explaining how and why you would use Google Drive in genealogy and family history.

Upload refers to the transfer of files from a computer to the web.
You would do this for your family history or genealogy for the following reasons
  • as a backup
  • to share with others
  • to have access to it where every you are and on whatever you computer you are on.
To transfer files from our computer to Google Drive we upload them.
1. Click New

2. Click File Upload or Folder Upload

3. Google now asked us what file. Find the file on your hard drive. 
    You can also drag and drop the file from File Explorer to Google Drive. 

4. A message appears in the bottom right-hand corner indicating the upload amount. Google Drive indicates when it is completed uploading. 

Your file is now ready to use and share.

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