K is for King's Daughters ~ Filles du Roi

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K is for King's Daughters ~ Filles du Roi

Between 1663-1673 King Louix XIV sent over 800 young ladies to Canada to help the imbalance ratio of 8 man to 1 women. England's lands below (now United States) were growing, New France was not.

These young ladies were poor, some were orphans, none were prostitutes. The voyage took 3 months and 1 in 10 died along the way but still over 800 arrived.

The girls, not the men, got to pick their husbands. This worked because within a decade the population of New France had doubled, and continued to increase.

To learn more watch my video. I don't mention it in the video but yes I am related to a few of these daughters.

For more information on these daughters with links to websites with names and husband check out my blog post

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