Create a Folder: Google Drive

Folders are used to organize files. Instead of having a whole bunch of files all in the main directory we create folders [subdirectories] where we store files that are related.
Such as a country, a last name, a family, document, etc...

When you open Google Drive you are in the "root" directory. The main directory.
We are going to create a folder in the root directory.

On the left hand side of the screen under the word Drive is a red box with the word CREATE

Click on CREATE.
The following drop down menu appears

Used to organize your files

A Word Processor  Google's mini version of Word 

Google's mini version of PowerPoint

Google's mini version of Excel.

Creates quizzes/ surveys sends the results in a spreadsheet

Like Paint program

Click on Folder.
It now asks you for a name for the folder in a small window, shown below.

Type in the name of the folder.

I am naming this one Accounting

Click on Create
The folder now appears in the list of files and folders in this folder.

Once you have created folder they look like the following.

Note: Beside the Shelley folder is the word Shared
I have shared the whole folder with someone.

Blog Post to learn how to share folders 

Case Study
We have a folder called Accounting. Now I need to divide up the accounting folders by years.
I would open up the Accounting folder so I could see the files inside that folder.
Then I would create each year's folder. They are now subfolders/subdirectories of the Accounting folder.

You create the folders the same way as shown above.

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