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This is a list of published articles I have written.

Exploring the Drouin and Tanguay Collections,, Jun 2020   English
Exploration des collections Drouin et Tanguay,, Jun 2020  French

How to Use Google Drive for Your Genealogy Research: 7 Questions with Expert Lianne Kruger, SK Translations,  April, 2020

How to Use Social Media in Your German Genealogical Research, SK Translations, Nov 2019.

Conference 2017,  Relatively Speaking, Alberta Genealogical Society (AGS), 2017.

How to Start doing Genealogy, Relatively Speaking, Alberta Genealogical Society (AGS), 2014.

Exploring the New Youth and Family History Site, LDSTech, 2012.

Getting Started Guides Personal Progress, LDSTech, 2012.

Catalina Swim Club 60th Freeze or Fry, article, Red Deer Advocate, 2012.

Catalina Swim Club 60th Freeze or Fry, Historical Booklet, 2012.

Google is for Genealogists, Peter’s Family History Notes,, 2010.

Bancroft Family Correspondence on the Book of Mormon, BYU Studies Quarterly, Brigham Young University, 2006.

Articles for Tree Climber newsletter, Red Deer Branch of Alberta Genealogical Society
Uncommon Websites: Wikipedia and Sister Sites, March 2014.
How to Create a Table in Word, March 2014.
Blogs Case Study, 2013.
How to Get Started, December 2013.
Sources: Understanding and Composing, October 2012.
Calendar Changes That Effect Your Genealogy, October 2012.
Home Home on the Range, April 2011.
Internet Help Using List Servers, February 2011.
Google and FamilySearch Tips, 2011-2014.

Red Deer Catalina Swim Team: Club Historian (Lianne Kruger)

Lianne delved into the club’s history and prepared a very interesting and informative booklet about the club’s history to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Freeze of Fry. Thanks Lianne!

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  1. Lianne,
    I really enjoyed all of your presentations at RootsTech. You introduced some information that I did not know about Canadian research even after 50+ years of experience. I have also found local history books to be a good source of information on my families. ( was excellent for this, but since they moved it to U of C I find it very awkward to find anything.) The Provincial Archives of Alberta is an excellent place to find local histories, although they do not have all of them.

    I was surprised that you can create MP4 videos from PowerPoint. I have been using Zoom to create easy family history movies. See