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Presentations to mp4 Videos for YouTube

This year's A 2 Z blog challenge is based on a session I spoke for Legacy Family Tree Webinars for their Second 24 hour marathon, April 8, 2021. Watch the session at  

The session taught why and how to make PowerPoint to record family history and then convert to mp4 so they can be uploaded to your own YouTube channel. For the 2021 A to Z challenge I created different video examples following the steps taught in this session of:

  • creating in PowerPoint
  • converting it to .mp4 
  • uploading it to my YouTube channel

Each blog post has a link at the bottom, above the letter for the day, to its corresponding video on my YouTube channel. These videos are part of my A 2 Z blog Playlist.  My YouTube Channel is at Lianne ifamilyHistory 

Click on the topic title below to jump to the blog post for that day.

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  1. I have been receiving from iFamily History e-mails covering all letters of the alphabet. However, I am missing the letters A and B and there some info on these three letters? Please reply to Faye at

  2. If you are getting this year's A to Z of RootsTech 2022 session the list of all sessions are at: