Z is for Gen-Z and Genealogy

Many genealogists are worried about who is going to do the genealogy in the next generations. They try to come up with ways to get the younger generation excited about genealogy. 

Session Title
Gen-Z and Genealogy

Session Description
"This class will explore GenZ's take on genealogy and how it shapes our lives. It will explore how older generations can help support us and how GenZ can become more involved in the genealogy world."

Presenter: Sarah Day

Y is for Y-DNA

Y DNA is another test but only males can take the test. The results are from son to father to father to father.... way back. The results can be helpful with a Surname Study. 

Session Title
Y is for Y-DNA: What is Genetic Distance?

Session Description
"A brief overview of genetic distance as it relates to Y-DNA testing and determining the time to a most recent common ancestor for you and your patrilineal DNA matches."

Present by  FamilyTree DNA


X is for X-DNA

X-DNA  Setting up an Ancestral Tree and Fan Chart and Exploring Tree Completeness

Session Description
Visualizing your direct line at DNA Painter can help clarify where the most significant gaps are. In this demo, Jonny shows how you can import a GEDCOM file and overlay DNA inheritance paths, which can help you to narrow down possible common ancestors with DNA matches, particularly those with whom you share DNA on the X-chromosome (XDNA)."

Presenter:  DNA Painter  Jonny Perl


W is for Wales

A little country with lots of history and their records are often tied and included with England records. But their surnames are unique. 

Session Title
Wales Patronymics: The Cause of Common Surnames in Wales

Session Description
"In this video session, learn to recognize patronymic names in Wales. Research strategies that will help you discover more about your Welsh family history will be provided."

Presented by Darris G. Williams

Link: https://www.familysearch.org/rootstech/session/patronymics-the-cause-of-common-surnames-in-wales

V is for Vendors

I have to admit I wasn't sure what I was going to use as V and then all of a sudden I realized that V was a great way to introduce all the wonderful Vendors that help make RootsTech possible. 

RootsTech, like most conferences have vendors. Genealogy companies who want you to get to know them and what services they provide. RootsTech had 91 !! 

How do you find them? 

  1. Go to RootsTech.org
  2. Scroll down the main page until you see a section called Expo Hall.
    It looks like the following. 

  3. Click Visit
    Then see all the wonderful vendor listed by categories. 
  4. Click on one you want to learn more about. 
  5. Come back often and check out others. 
Another way to see a Sponsor or Exhibitor is from the left menu. 
  1. Go to the RootsTech page.
  2. Click Sessions from the top menu on the right. 
  3. Click Sponsor or Exhibitor from the left menu. 
    This opens up that menu and shows you the first sponsor and exhibitors in alphabetical order. 
  4. Click on See All (91) at the bottom of this list. 
    The second window below appears with all 91 in alphabetical order ready for you to check out. 

Presented by All the wonderful Vendors! 

Link: RootsTech.org