I began volunteering with mitoYDNA after meeting Mags at the Ontario Genealogical Society (Ontario Ancestors)'s conference in June 2019. I knew very little about DNA before this time. My husband had bought me an Ancestry DNA kit to help me find my Paternal Grandfather a few years ago. Since I started volunteering with mitoYDNA I have begun to learn more about DNA. 

As I learn, I will share what I have learned here on my blog with individual posts. I will be starting right at the basic DNA and definitions. This will not all be done in a month or a year because of time restraints but as I learn I will share. I will also share discoveries of what I find out about my Paternal Grandfather. 

As I add DNA posts in my blog, I will add the link to that post here, under a category, to help you decide which you might want to read. 

Click on the titles below to read that individual blog post.


What is mitoYDNA

DNA Basics: Definitions

Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA)

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