Sharing Files/Folders: Google Drive

One advantage of storing your files in Google drive is the ability to share that file [or folder] with other people. This allows you to collaborate on a project, or proofread for accuracy.

Share menu
Right Click on top of the item you want to share with someone or several people.

Click on Share…

Click on Share on the menu on the right.

The following Sharing settings window appears

Click in the Invite people box at the bottom of the page.

Invite People
If the person you want to share this item with is in your contact list,
Enter in the names of the people you want to share this item with.
If they are not on your contact list,
type in their emails.

Click Share & Save when all the names have been entered
An email will be sent to them to notify them and give them a link.
You can also have an email sent to yourself by clicking in the check box on the right.

Another way to begin the share:
Click in the square to the left of the item you want to share.
A check appears inside the box

At the top of the screen above the list of files and folders is the following menu items. 

Click on the Share icon [Shown on left] from the top menu [as shown below]
The Sharing settings window appears

The rest of the instructions are the same as above.

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