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Facebook can be a great resource for researching by searching your last name. There are groups out there based on last names.

Have you searched any of your ancestral last names? Try it. Please post a message below telling me what you find.

My LastName on Facebook
My grandmother's maiden name is Dowd. It was O'Dowd in Ireland but the family dropped the "O" in the ocean on the way to Canada! :)

I searched Facebook and found a great last name group called, "I'm an O'Dowd and Proud of It"

This group is for O'Dowds throughout the world. From this page, I found out that the O'Dowds still pick a clan chief! We missed the last "gathering" but are saving our pennies to hopefully make it to the 2018 clan gathering.

This month, some of this group marched in the Quebec City St. Patrick's Day parade. Photos and videos were posted on this Facebook page with an invitation to attend next year.

The photo on the right is from a school the group got organized before the parade.

Smith and Jones
At my recent session on this topic, I was asked about Smith and Jones. I suggested location along with the last name. Those names are a lot harder. Good luck! Would love to hear what you find. Please add a post below.

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