Social Media: Facebook

Do you know the town, city, county, state, or province?

Search in Facebook the location. Many locations all over the world have facebook pages.
Join "Like" the group.

Ask small questions in a post.
Learn about the area and the history. Might help with names and places.

Maybe chat with some relatives!

I searched in Facebook for County Monaghan. Facebook gave me a list of posts that my friends had posted that had Monaghan in it. But it also found the County Monaghan Museum.

I have now joined the facebook page. I will add to this post if I find anything about my ancestors on the page. There are lots of beautiful photos of the area.

Helpful links

Canadian list of Facebook genealogical pages: Genealogy a la carte  

Social Media list of Facebook pages for Genealogical research in the world. Social Media: Genealogy on Facebook

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