Google Maps: Saving a location

My husband and I went to my ancestors' homes for a family trip. I had the address of each home listed in Google sheets so when we got to the city I would have the address easy.

The following is what I should have done before going on the trip. It is good that I have done this now but this would have been a little easier if done before our trip.

Once you have found a home or work place or something important in your family history you can save the location. Once it is saved a yellow star appears on that location in your Google Maps. This star does not appear for anyone else, and you must be signed into Google to see the star.
The star will appear wherever you sign in, which includes your computer, laptop, Chrome book, phone, iPad, etc.

The balloon appears because the address is in the find section on the top left.

1. I clicked on the star above the word SAVED on the left side.

By clicking, it turned the yellow star on the menu on the left yellow and a yellow star appeared on the map at the address given.

Note:  When you type in another address the red balloon will disappear but the yellow star will not.

The star is still there and will remain there unless you click on Saved again.

Delete Star
If you no longer want a star on your map or it is in the wrong location,

1. Click on the Saved yellow star on the menu on the left.
    That will remove the star from your map.

Now that I have done this I can share this location with other family members.
Steps in another blog post.

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