Google Maps: Share location

Now that you have saved and labeled a location on Google Maps, you can now share this with other family members!

1. Click on the Share icon on the left menu, under the blue section.
    The following window appears.

Share Link
2. Copy the link provided. You can email it to family members.

3. If the link is too long, click on the box to the left of Short URL. That will give you another, shorter link to share. Both will go to this same location.

Embed Map
If you would like to embed the map on a blog or website:

1. Click on the word Embed Link tab at the top of the window.

2. Copy the link to where [blog or website] you would like the map to appear.

If you want the map bigger or smaller,
3. On the left is the word Medium. That is identifying the size of the map. Medium is the default.

4. Click on the down arrow beside the word Medium.

5. Select the size you would like.
    The map will readjust to match your selection.

Another great idea!!
This is also great for a family reunion. Identify, save and label the location for the family reunion. Then share that location with your whole family or place it/embed it on your family blog or website.

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