Inheritance: Items that you don't want but feel guilty about giving away

There have been many articles recently about the inheritance our generation is getting from our parents and/or grandparents that we don't really want and don't have any place to put them but that we do not want to throw away!

This could also include such as what I would call "nick nacks." Little items that collect dust. This also could include blankets, dishes, tables, chairs, etc. I would love to hear what other items you or someone you know has inherited, don't want but just don't have the heart to throw them out because they belonged to your beloved grandmother.

Here is an idea that will help your lack of space and your guilty feelings.

Take a picture of it.
Write down about the object
  • Tell why your grandparent loved it
  • How they go it
  • Who gave it to them
  • What did it represent
  • Where did they have it in their house
  • Stories tied to the item
Pass this photo and description/story to your children. This will help your children get to know your parents and grandparents. 

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