South African Genealogy help

We had some friends drop by from South Africa. They have lived in Canada and US for many years but they are now working on their genealogy and I was able to help them. My mother-in-law was born, raised, married and had two boys in South Africa before moving to Netherlands and then Canada. My father-in-law was Dutch.

How Many Bones must you bury before they call you African 
I shared the website Tony Anton's How Many Bones must you bury before they call you African website. Tony includes historical events. One of our friend's ancestors was a Huguenot which he has lots of information on, including the name of the ships that brought them to South Africa from Holland.

Link to index page of all his Family History pdf files.

Also went to the Geni website. Ancestors were there. Use the link below to start your free account on their site and start searching. Many South African families are listed here.

Southern Cumorah Messenger church newsletter
If you family were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, then you will want to check out Southern Cumorah Messenger. It is an LDS church newsletter which was published from 1952 - 1970. Their mother, grandmother, and grandfather was mentioned in different volumes of these newsletters.

Click on the pdf link on the right to read. Each monthly magazine is listed separately.

If you have any South African ancestors, please contact me. I would love to help.

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