Dutch Green Berets Commando

One day I asked my father in law a whole bunch of questions about his life. He was born and raised in Holland. He mentioned that in 1952 he had to join the army. A few months later they asked for volunteers for the Green Berets known as Commandos. He volunteered.

I googled last week and found a wonderful website that gave the history of the Green Berets. I emailed them and asked if there was a website listing the names of those who served. He emailed back and said they would do the search for me.

He emailed back the following day with his enlistment sheet. All information about the day he joined!!  They also sent me a form to send in to receive his full record!!  I am so excited.

On the form was his address of where he was living when he enlisted!

I went straight to Google Maps and typed in the address. I found the house he was living in. That is so cool!!

I then labelled the site in Google Maps and shared the link with other family members.

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