Google Drive storage

Google gives you 15 Gb of free storage.
The storage includes:
  • Drive files
  • Google Photos
  • Gmail
Storage Amounts
1. Open up Google Drive.

On the left-hand side of the main screen is a menu. 
At the bottom of the menu is the amount of memory you have used out of the 15 GB.
Such as: 
8 GB of 15 GB used
To find out how much you have used in the different areas
1. Move your mouse over the three bars or words "Upgrade storage"
    The following will appear.

Google Photos
Note the icons on the left of each item, specifically the Google Photos.

This icon is different from the other Google Photos. As you can see, these photos take up part of the 15Gb free storage.

If you store your photos under the icon below, you have unlimited space for your photos!.

Search for Google Photos for posts on the why and hows of using Google Photos.

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