Filles du Roi

Two-thirds of French Canadians have an ancestor who was a filles du roi ~ A King's Daughter.

Since I am related to the first white landowner of Canada the chances were high that at least one of my grandmothers was one. I found three.

I googled to find a list of the names of the girls. With my FamilySearch pedigree on one screen and the list on another, I went through all the French Canadian wives on my pedigree that were married between 1663 and 1673.  I was so excited when I found one! Then when I clicked on her in FamilySearch, someone had very nicely added the logo as her profile picture!! Thank you whoever that was!
Then I found another ancestor whose son married the daughter of the first one I had found!

Summary of who they were 
France needed more women to come to New France. The British had lots of females going to the colonies. Jean Talon and King Louise XIV come up with the idea of sending young women to New France with a dowery. Most were poor. None were prostitutes. All volunteered. 800 left but 1/10th died on the voyage over.

I like what CBC said (link below) - The biggest Baby Boom in Canadian history! The population of New France doubles in a decade. They also mentioned "Speed dating, 1600s style" !!

For more information on who these girls were, check out the following websites:
Check out more than one of the above websites for information.
Note the difference of information between the two websites below.

Jalais, Marie, m. 1. Lauzé, Jean, dit Matha, Aug. 26, 1669, m. 2. Leclerc, Robert, Jul. 9, 1680
Marie arrived in Canada in 1669.

Caillé, Marie-Jeanne, m. Pepin, Jacques, Nov. 16, 1671
Marie-Jeanne arrived in Canada in 1671.

Raclos, Madeleine, m. Perrault, Nicolas, contract Nov. 11, 1671
Madeleine arrived in Canada in 1671.
She arrived with Francoise Raclos, Father Godebon; Sister Madeleine and Sister Marie

Another website lists:
Marie (Jallais) Jalais abt 1653 St-Martin de Re, France - 8 Dec 1721
Marie Jeanne Caillé abt 1653 Paris, St-Nicolas-des-Champs, France - 12 Mar 1734
Madeleine Raclos 6 Jan 1656 Chaumont-en-Bassigny (St-Jean-Baptiste), Champagne, France - 8 Jul 1724

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