Life History: Art Project

You have most likely done one in school with a theme. This time the theme is you and you can add other items then just cut out pictures from a newspaper or magazine if you want.

This is probably the most common submission from my students.
Here is a list of collages to get you started. Use one or use in combination. 
  • Make a collage of your favourite sayings. Type them up in your favourite fonts, print them and paste them on paper. If you are good with a word processor use text boxes and rotate them on the screen. 
  • Or cut out the words from the sayings from newspapers. 
  • Collage of photos that show others who you are.  Overlap them turn them. 
Draw something you like to draw or a scribble or doodle you usually make when bored. 
I usually draw a coconut tree on an island with the moon or sun reflecting on the water. I also draw cubes.

A mosaic is a whole bunch of squares of different colours to make a picture.

Post what you did below. I would love to see them. What other art projects did you come up with to represent you?


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