Evernote: Organize photos

I visited a library, in the area I grew up, where I found some information. I took a lot of photos of the pages. This was before I had Evernote, so they were just on my phone. I downloaded the pictures onto my computer. But now I have to organize them.
Please ignore the fact that I didn't keep them all the same way.  I have to work on that as well.

If I had Evernote, each photo could have been uploaded directly into Evernote, as a note, and organized into a Notebook just for this research.

I can upload these now into Evernote. I will watch my upload amount to make sure I do not use more than my alloted amount for the month.

Location of where these photos are taken is also added automatically, if  you have that selected and if you have the Premium plan. Part of the note then contains the location of the book if I ever need to go back for more information. 

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