Share a Google Map

To Copy a link to a Google Map to enter in a blog post.
1. Get the map you want
2. Click on the Share icon on the menu on left.
3. Make sure the Send a link is the top.
4. Click COPY LINK.
5. Go to blog post.
6. Click on icon to insert a Link.
7. Type in a title for your map.
8. Click Paste in the link box.
It will appear and work like the example below.
Google Map
If you click on the Facebook icon, it will open a Facebook post window to create a new post and put the photo and link to the map for you. The window allows you to add text to explain the map before you click Post to Facebook.

If you click on the Twitter icon, it will open a window for a new tweet with the link to the map. It allows you to add text to explain what this is before clicking Tweet.

To embed a map into a blog post
If you know HTML you can copy the Embed a map link shown below.

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