Blogging A to Z: Genealogical Websites H

H is for 

"Family Tree software. For your family tree and your genealogical research.
"Heredis helps 100,000 genealogy enthusiasts and professionals each day to discover their ancestors and create impressive family trees. From researching documents to analyzing statistics, discover more than 150 features and carry out an incredible investigation to trace back your origins."

High Definition Blog
Family history in focus by Thomas MacEntee

Histoiries de families - Family Stories
Genealogy Research and News - Family History Research and news. Blog of Marie Cappart, professional genealogist (APG) / Family Historian. Consultant for different media (I-RTBF, BBC Wales ...)

This website is a great resource for huguenot with links to records throughout the world.

These are websites I know, have used and found helpful. There are many more.
If you have other favourite sites that start with the letter H, please add to the comments below.
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Websites change. These are correct as of 2019.

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