Blogging A to Z: Genealogical Websites N

 N is for 

National Institute for Genealogical Studies
"Genealogical research is a satisfying pastime for the family historian and a rewarding occupation for the professional genealogist. To support the needs of both amateur family historians and aspiring professional genealogists for reliable and comprehensive education we have designed a series of courses (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Electives) leading to various Certificates in Genealogical Studies with specialization in various countries.

"The National Institute for Genealogical Studies provides web-based courses for both family historians and professional genealogists."

National Genealogical Society (NGS)
"The National Genealogical Society (frequently referred to as NGS) is here to help individuals learn about their family history.  We are a non-profit organization headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia.  For the past 115 years, we have been the leader in the field in teaching genealogical research skills and providing a pathway to scholarly work. Ready to get started?  Take a look at our skill-building boxes on the homepage for advice and tips, or go to our learning center to enroll in a online course, check out our books and publications, register for a research trip or come to our annual conference.

These are websites I know, have used and found helpful. There are many more.
If you have other favourite sites that start with the letter N, please add to the comments below.

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Websites change. These are correct as of 2019.


  1. coool. i will have to check out the NGS online courses.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  2. Good support and also interest for family history. New Product Design and Production #AtoZChallenge Blogging 2019 #NarayanaRaoProf