Blogging A to Z: Genealogical Websites X

X is for 

Ireland XO Reaching Out
  • Add or find your Irish Ancestors and connect with their community of origin
  • Add or discover Buildings for every county in Ireland and link who lived and worked there Add or discover events that shaped the heritage of local Irish communities and the people who lived there
  • Discover new ways to research your Irish family history
  • Read about the descendants connecting with local Irish communities
  • Every community in Ireland offers a unique and personal experience – discover the local take on what there is to do and see.

These are websites I know, have used and found helpful. There are many more.
If you have other favourite sites that start with the letter X, please add to the comments below.

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Websites change. These are correct as of 2019.


  1. I thought for sure X would be a problem for you, but you came through. And actually, I must check this out as I have some Irish ancestors.

  2. Your X genealogical website should be helpful to me for my ancestors who immigrated from Cork to Quebec. I never heard of this site before. Thank you for listing it.

  3. I am so glad to help both of you! Enjoy.
    It is a little of a cheat on the X but as close as I will get.