People to meet at RootsTech

You never know who you are going to meet at RootsTech. Come this February and see who you meet.

I saw cousins, instructors, new and old friends at RootsTech 2019.

The guy on the right was sitting by me in a session of some friends. He suggested we check to see if we are related. And we are 9th cousins!!

Do this at every session and of course take selfies when you find a cousin!

The lady on the left attended  my session and was a 9th cousin as well.

This lady  was also in my session and she and I are 7th cousins!! She is from Louisiana - the Acadians who went south for the winter and stayed!!

The lady on the left is one of my BYU-I Family History Instructors!

 This is one of my roommates from way back
[we won't say how long] at BYU.
She works for BYU now.

Friends from England
THE Genealogy Show
Kirsty owns Family Wise Ltd.

A friend and 7th cousin from Ontario.
I am related to her husband as well through another line!

Another friend from Ontario!!
She has spoken at AGS conferences and all over Ontario.

Melanie and I made the RootsTech website!!

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