Evernote: M is for Meeting Note

There is a special note you can create instead of the regular blank note if using the web version of Evernote.

How can a meeting note help you in genealogy?
If you do research for others as your genealogy business, the meeting note could be with a client (new or previous).

If you are researching your family, this meeting could be with a relative that you are going to interview for more information about the family history.

Create a Meeting Note from the main menu
1. Click the New Meeting Note icon from the left menu
A list of upcoming appointments on your calendar will appear.

2.  Click on one of the appointments from the list displayed or
Click on Blank meeting note (at the bottom of the list)

3. The blank meeting for is created and looks like the following

A user's comments from Evernote help page
1. Allow creation for past meetings. For whatever reason, it only allows you to choose a meeting that hasn't started yet.  No reason for this restriction and it really limits the usability especially if you took a meeting by phone and later need to document after the fact/add notes for action items.

2. Allow selection of meeting details from integrated calendar & configuration of meeting note template - Don't need to see meeting location, and it isn't clear that meeting details are shown in the "Description" field. I'd like to relabel that to state "Meeting Description" and choose a different font, etc.

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