Evernote: O is for Organize

There are different ways of organizing notes in Evernote. One is by organizing notes into notebooks as illustrated in N is for Notebooks.

Another way to organize your notes, so you can find it later, is by using Tags.
There is a big conversation, out there, as to which is better, notebooks or tags. I like to use both.

A tag can be added to any note. A note can have more than one tag.
For example, if a note is a birth certificate. The tags could be Birth Certificate

A tag could be 
  • a surname
  • a location: town, city, county, country. 
  • certificate type: birth, christening, marriage, death, burial
  • topic: such as "To Do", "Find", "DNA"
  • Organization 
  • Website as a source or reference. 
Tag rules
  • can have spaces, upper and lower case letters, numbers
  • all characters allowed except commas 
  • maximum of 100 characters
  • can have their own subtags.
To see the list of tags available
1. Click on the Tags menu item at the bottom of the Left Panel menu.

2. The list of tags will appear on the right where a note usually appears.
3. Double click on a tag to view all notes that have that tag attached.
The list of tags appears in the Note List area. The top note will be selected and will appear on the Note Panel (the right section of the screen).

To add a tag to a note
1. At the top of the note is the Notebook they are saved in and a box ready to enter the tag name.

2. Click on the text "Add Tag" to enter a tag.
The box area turns blue as shown below.

3. Type in the name of the tag you want to identify with this note.
I typed in Google Sheets in the example below.

To remove a tag from a note
1. Click on the note you want to change the tags of.

2. Right Click on the tag you want to remove from the note.
The following menu appears. 
Remove Removes just that tag from this note. It will still be available for other notes and will appear on the list of available tags.

Delete Deletes that tag from all notes and from the list of the tags available.

Rename...   Change the tag for all notes that tag appears on and all future notes.

Copy Copies the tag to...

Tags can have subtags
1. Click on the Tags menu item from the left menu
The tags appear on the left

2. Right click on the tag you want to create a subtag for.
The following menu appears
3. Click Create Tag in "the name of the tag" (The first item on the menu.)

4. Enter the name you want for the sub tag.

5. Click OK or hit Enter.

List of tags are available on the Left Panel.
1. Click on the arrow to the left of the word Tags
The tags appear on the left

A list of tags and subtags appears under the title "Tags" on the Left Panel as shown below

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