Evernote: S is for Share on Social Media

You might want to share a note with others. They do not have to have Evernote to receive the contents of the note. Any photo or certificate or information can be shared with anyone.

Note: Each Evernote package has a limit as to how many you can share and receive. 

1. Select the note you want to share with other people. 

2. Click Share in the top right hand corner of the note.

3. Choose where and how you are going to share the note to.

This post will only illustrate how to share on Social Media.
Copy Share URL is explained for U is for URL post for the same A to Z Challenge. 

Share to Social Media: Twitter

1. Click on Social.

2. Select Twitter. 

3. Evernote opens Twitter in your default web browser. 

4. Review the tweet and click Tweet.

Shared with Me
At the bottom of the left panel menu is Shared With Me.
1. Click on Shared With Me at the bottom of the left panel menu.
    If someone has shared notes with you they will now appear.

2. Double click on the note you would like to view.
    It appears in a new window.

When speaking for the The Surname Society (UK) virtual conference, I mentioned that no one had shared a note with me. Soon after I received my first ever note shared with me instead of by me. Kai Michael Poppe, from Germany, shared a note with me. We met at The Genealogy Show and was being very kind.

I later sent a message back on the note which he received. We tried to write notes on the note at the same time but that was not possible. Once one of us closed the note then the other person was able to add their comment but we were not able to make comments at the same time on the same note.

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