Add Hashtags to YouTube Videos

You just watched a video on DNA. I would like to watch more videos on DNA. If the video has a #DNA hashtag then I would click on that hashtag and other videos with that same hashtag will be listed. That is handy for a viewer to find more videos on the same subject.

Adding hashtags to your video can help others find your video with the same topic. If your video is on DNA then add a #DNA hashtag and you will be on the list the viewer sees.

Hashtags appear under the video, if they are added.

If the video is already on YouTube

1. Click on your icon in the top right hand corner of the window.
2. Select YouTube Studio.
3. On the left menu select Videos.
A list of all the videos on your channel appears.
4. Move your mouse over the video icon for the video you want to add a hashtag(s) to.
The following menu appears. 

5. Click on the pencil to edit the Details

6. Scroll to Description. Click inside the description box.
Add up to 3 hashtags on a separate line with a space between them. For example as shown below #Genealogy #DNA #mitoYDNA. 

7. In the Description section add up to 3 hashtags on a separate line at the bottom. 
These hashtags will appear between the video and the title of the video as shown below.

For new videos

1. When filling in the details of the video when creating it, enter the hashtags at the bottom of the screen, the same section as illustrated above. 

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