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There is a graveyard that my husband and I drove by often while driving to family in Southern Alberta. One day we went to the graveyard, visited it and took pictures. We love history and checking things out. It is the Frankburg Mormon Pioneer Cemetery and it is in the middle of farmlands miles from a town or city. We had to know why? What was the history?

The other day driving near there again, my husband checked on Google maps. The graveyard/cemetery was not on the map.

He emailed Google and asked them to add it to the map.
Google emailed back the next day and said they would check into it to verify it. Two days later Google emailed to say they have added it to their maps!! See the email below

Based on your suggestion, the listing for Frankburg Mormon Pioneer Cemetery has been added to the map. See your addition. Note that some changes might take up to 24 hours before appearing on Google.
Thank you for improving Google Maps! Your insights make it a better, more useful map for everyone.

Frankburg Mormon Pioneer Cemetery
6 British Columbia 1, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Your edit
Frankburg Mormon Pioneer Cemetery
50°31'43.1"N 113°38'40.6"W
Edited on May 4, 2016 · Published
Thanks for your help,
The Google Maps team

Do you have cemeteries that are not on Google Maps? Adding it to Google Maps would help others find their families. 

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