Writing Family Histories

“The best way to show your love for those who are gone is to tell their stories.”[1]

I love this quote. This illustrates why we need to collect, record and compile our own and our ancestors' stories and photos.

I am presently writing my husband's maternal South African family history. It is so exciting. I am learning the white history of South Africa as I collect and write their stories. Every one of these ancestors has a very exciting story. To them, they were just living their lives but for us now it is so interesting. 

I too look at my life and think it is very ordinary and boring, but will my grandchildren think so? 

Write your life story. Write down or record the stories of your parents and grandparents now. 

Please add comments on how you have collected family stories. 

Posts on ideas of how and what to write coming soon.

[1] Once Upon A Time, Season 4 Episode 21, 2015.

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