Pinterest: Why Use in Genealogy

Pinterest is a popular Social Media medium.

These posts are for those interested in learning how to use Pinterest in their genealogical research. This is not for those who are professional genealogists or have a genealogy business. That will be a separate post, although this post is a great place to start.

You might already have a Pinterest account and now want to know how to use it for genealogy.
You might have no idea what Pinterest is but think you might want to use it to help your research.

Why Use Pinterest?
  • Free
  • Many people on there already
  • Visual
  • Pins are links to websites
  • Lots of pins to helps
  • Organize pins by categories

Four areas of Social Media
I go through four different ways each Social Media can be used in genealogy.

Click on one of the above areas to learn how to use Pinterest in each of those areas.

Each individual item in Pinterest is called a Pin. A pin is a picture with a description with a link

A board is a collection of pins.

Each item in Pinterest with content is called a post.

If you find a post you really like and want in your boards, then you click Pin, which repins it onto the board you pin.

You can click on the heart to like the post. This does not Repin.

Go through
Clicking to the actual site.

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